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Visit to the Argentine Congress

In the framework of the Unit of Inquiry “Quality of life” and “Immigration”, last week, sixth graders visited the Argentine Congress. In this enriching visit, they had the opportunity to know how it operates, as well as learning about its history and also be able to take the place of a member of parliament. This […]

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K1 – “Getting to know our body”

K1 children finished their Unit of Inquiry “Getting to know our body”, where they participated actively in experiences that helped them understand the importance of taking care of themselves, how they have changed since they were babies and how to play while sharing, listening and respecting their friends. Here we can see them playing “doctors”.

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ISCA 2017

A group of ES2 and ES3 students together with three staff members travelled to the UK to participate in an ISCA Summer camp. It was a good opportunity to experience the culture and history of the UK in a fun and interactive way. The hosting school was Charterhouse School, located just over 30 miles south-west […]

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Student Exchange

Before the start of the winter holidays we had to say goodbye to two exchange students. Alex visited us from Norfolk Academy and Emma from St. Paul´s School for Girls, both in USA. Thank you very much to the hosting families for your support to the Exchange Programme! We will have more students coming during […]

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Clara Breccia

She graduated from St George´s College Quilmes in 2015 and found the way to link her outstanding will to help others with her favourite sport. After a successful charity campaign through which all the necessary didactic material was gathered, she travelled for a month to Africa to teach hockey to children in remote areas of […]

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Green garden

Have a look at our green garden! Some months ago we prepared the earth, then planted seeds. Together we made colourful scarecrows to protect them from the birds. We always water them and watch them grow….Isn´t our plot lovely? When we are back from the holidays we will go on taking care of it. More […]

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For two days, ES4, ES5 and ES6 students debated in a very respectful and professional manner in different EMUN committees, held at St. Catherine’s Moorlands College (Tortuguitas). St. George’s College Quilmes represented Japan, Vietnam and North Korea, which meant a rigorous academic preparation. Not only did they learn about contemporary international relations, but also expanded […]

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Community Choir

On Wednesday, June 28 the Community Choir, consisting of parents and school staff, were invited to participate in the choral exchange that is organised every year by the Rio de la Plata school. We shared a beautiful repertoire with St Luke’s College, St Gregory’s and the host school. The event finished with the traditional ‘tercer […]

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The four SGQ students who obtained outstanding IGCSE results last year were awarded with their certificates at a special ceremony in Belgrano this week. Congratulations again go to: Chiara Zorgno (IGCSE Drama), Molly Watson (IGCSE Foreign Language Spanish), Jorge Antúnez Vega (IGCSE Economics) and Ezequiel Khoury (Best across eight IGCSEs). It was also very good […]

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Final Olimpíada Argentina de Química

340 students from all over the country participated in the national stage of the Olimpíada Argentina de Química which took place during the first week of November in Villa Giardino, Córdoba. St George´s College was represented by 6 students: Pedro Belloni, Segundo Espina, Justo Grané, Carla Meríngolo, Tobías Vozzi and Lucía Zavala. It is worth […]

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ESU singing competition

Sophie Cook represented the school at the ESU singing competition. 24 schools, included SGN, attended from all over the province of Buenos Aires. Sophie was one of the finalists; well done Sophie! The Martin Garvie Trophy was won by Inés Pilar Asensio from Colegio Palermo Chico. Martina Flamini Marczuk (Holy Trinity College), Natalia Vidal (Hans […]

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Maths Interhouse

During lunchtime on Wednesday, October 12th, the Maths Interhouse competition was held. Each House presented the teams for ES1, ES2 and ES3. The competition was virtual, using the programme called Kahoot, and included the academic subjects learnt during the year. The students worked really well and enjoyed the competition. The results were the following: 1º […]

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SG Invitation Athletics Tournament

The annual SG Invitation Athletics Tournament was another successful event at school on a very sunny Thursday last week. Eight schools participated and the SG students were very successful. Belgrano Day School won the overall girls trophy, with the SG girls in second place, and SG won the overall boys category. Congratulations to all the […]

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St George´s at BABS

On Thursday 29th September, students from both schools entertained the residents of the British and American Benevolent Society (BABS), Villa Devoto, with nearly an hour of music from all ages. After the concert they had tea and talked with the residents. As the students left they were clapped by everyone at the Centre. It was […]

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Humanities: Trip to Entre Ríos

Every year, ES5 students go to Entre Rios with their Argentine History and Geography teachers to put in practice their knowledge. In the case of Geography, students have the opportunity to do some research of geographical settings in the National Park “El Palmar”. In History, students go to Palacio San José and learn about the […]

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Argentine Chemistry Olympics

On Thursday, September 1st, the Argentine Chemistry Olympics interschool competition took place at Colegio Alemán de Quilmes. Schools from the southern area of Buenos Aires participated and those who classified will be participating in the next round (zonal). We are very proud to announce that all of the participating St George´s College students have classified. […]

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​Cross Country Interschool at Colegio Euskal Echea

PreviousNext 13 schools participated in another edition of the Cross Country Interschool at Colegio Euskal Echea tournament. The most outstanding team results: Prep 4 Boys: Champions Prep 5 Girls: Champions ES1 Girls: 2nd place Prep 6 Girls: 3rd place The most outstanding individual results (amongst 80 competitors): Ema Breccia: 1st place Pía Martinez Sardi: 2nd […]

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Councillor for a Day

As part of the programme “Concejales por un Día”, the president of the Honorable Concejo Deliberante, Juan Manuel Bernasconi, along with the Director of the HCD Facundo Maisu and the councillor Susana Maderal, welcomed our ES3 and ES5 students, teachers Jorgelina Echeverría, Mariana Martinez, Mauro Puerto Sternic and the school director, Oscar Piersanti to experience […]

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ESSARP Creative Writing Competition

Every year St George´s students submit entries to the ESSARP creative writing competition, and our students often achieved notable success. In May of this year seven students from St George´s were selected to enter the competition. Firstly we want to thank all those who took part, and to encourage them to continue to peruse their […]

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The 6th and 7th July saw the wonderful representation of this year’ s musical in the Centenary Hall. The event, which was attended by over 500 people, provided an excellent closure to the first school term. 45 students, including 3 from Prep, gave their best to amuse and entertain the eager public.

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Jazz Night

The Music Department organized a Jazz night in the lecture theatre in which past, present school students and staff played jazz compositions. For an hour everyone enjoyed the magic moments that these performers managed to create.

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New Zealand- Australia tour ES 5 & 6

2 Rugby and 2 Hockey teams participated in the tour that visited Hamilton, Rotorua, Auckland- Waitomo and Matamata in New Zealand and Canberra, Manly Beach, Bondi Beach and Sydney in Australia. In those cities there were activities organized with local schools (St. Paul´s Collegiate, Westlake Girls HS, Canberra Grammar School for Boys, Canberra Grammar School […]

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Kindergarten Family Day

PreviousNext We spent a beautiful day in the Kindergarten celebrating our Family Day! Our children, together with their families and all the teachers, had a great time playing lots of games, singing and dancing together, and sharing a delicious asado! The forecast said it was going to rain, but it didn´t happen!

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International Qualifications Awards Ceremony

PreviousNext The international Awards Ceremony took place on April 13th at 7.30pm to celebrate, congratulate and thank all those who contributed towards the outstanding results of the international examinations in 2015. A guest speaker, Gustavo Giugale, an Old Georgian from the graduating class of 2008, was invited to address those present. He spoke of his […]

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International Award Duke of Edinburgh’s Estancia Funke Camp Tornquist.

The Bronze Group engaged in a 3 night, 4 day camp required by the programme. There they put into practice what they learnt in class and they lived teamwork enriching experiences. From ES1 to ES3 the students gain experience and modify their knowledge with each trip. The students experimented their limits reaching the proposed goals […]

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International Award Duke of Edinburgh’s Bariloche Camp

The Gold Group from ES6 consisting of the students Erosa, Estrada, Gutierrez Fillol, Micheletti, Navarro, Tiscornia, Valente, Vartparonian, and Whitney took part in an Adventure Journey of 4 night and five days required by the programme – The trek covered Villa Catedral, Refugio Frey, Refugio Jakob, and Tambo Baez (Colonia Suiza).

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PREP Swimming Gala

The Gala took place on Wednesday 16th, March at the Sandford Pool. The participants years 3-4-5 and 6 participated in an open class and an interhouse tournament. The results are as follows: Champions: Junior Girls (EP3&4): Pellegrino O (S) Senior Girls (EP 5&6): Bernardo C (H) Junior Boys (EP3&4): Caroli J (J) & Muiña J […]

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Swimming Gala

Amidst sweltering heat, the College Swimming Gala was a very successful event especially for Lockwood House that came in first and seems to be difficult to beat in this competition. The results details can be seen below: Junior Girls Champion: Cipriani E(A)- Capalbo M(C)- Cádiz Ma Dolores(L) Senior Girls: Bigliardi Rosario(L) – Moras Mom C […]

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The new Headmasters

Mr Robin Silk visited SGQ last week on the first of the planned monthly visits the Headmasters make to each school. Mr Ian Tate welcomed Mr Silk to SGQ and to Argentina in front of the Pavilion. The meetings reinforce the school philosophy “ One school, two sites”

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Chemistry Olympics

After a 4 hour long exam attended by 195 students from all the country among them four from ES5 Tobías Delgado, Isabel Dominguez Barnada, Iñaki Ochoa y Giulia Beltrao our students came back with various prizes: Tobías Delgado and Iñaki Ochoa got Gold medals and Giulia Beltrao a Bronze one. Congratulations to all of them.

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Kinder Camp

The K3 children had their camping experience on the school premises on 5th and 6th November. They lived a very interesting experience.

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Swimming Open Lessons at QAC

All the Kinder students participated in swimming open classes on different days and times . The exhibitions were attended by their proud parents.

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A Moving Reading

In 1975, Tom Michell, a teacher at St George´s , brought a penguin he had rescued in Uruguay to live in the school. They both became inseparable. The account of their adventures can be read now in The Penguin Lessons: What I Learned from a Remarkable Bird published only in English by Longman. For more […]

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Argentine Physics Olympiads ( OAF)

After a hard year of preparation ( after school time) Martín Ignacio Fernández andy Lautaro Santillán both got first prize at the Olimpíada Argentina de Física (OAF) organized by Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and sponsored by Ministerio de Educación de la Nación. Martín got second in waht […]

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Charito Maths Olympics at San Jorge Quilmes.

Students from 3rd and 4th grade from different private schools in Quilmes such as Ausonia, Escuela 19, La Providencia, Mancedo, CIMDIP, Privado de Bernal, Mariano Acosta, Almafuerte and of course St George gathered together at our Theatre to participate in the third Charito session. 10 winners were chosen for each level. The winners received a […]

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Founders’ Day

In spite of the cold, everyone enjoyed each minute of this annual event. From the competitions to the crafts fair, the museum visit, the art exhibition or the afternoon tea. The winning houses this year were Jackson for Prep and Lockwood for College.

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New graduates

A good number of our students have graduated from UCEMA in September. They are: Nazarena Bahamonde, Yamila Fernández, Augusto Frega Strianese y Carolina Parodi (Licenciatura en Dirección de Empresas) Alfonso Fernandez Arancibia​, Juan Amondarain, Luis de Anchorena, Maximo Goya,Ignacio Parodi,Federico Pilo Palermo (Licenciatura en Economía) We wish them the very best in their future professional […]

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Founders’ Day

Early on the morning of Founders´Day, the traditional gathering of the Senior Management and School Captains took place at the grave of Canon Stevenson in the Dissidents Cemetery in Quilmes.

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Cross Country & Steeplechase

The whole St George´s Community enjoyed another edition of the traditional races involving Prep and College. The results were the following: Steeplechase 2015 Results Cross Country 2015 Results

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Rugby- Match vs Peterhouse Roster- Zimbabwe

The first XV finished the season with an interesting match that forced the team to defend itself all the time without respite against a very strong team. The match was attended by Prep students , parents and ex students supporting the Senior boys.

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Trip to Salta

The ES5 IB Geography students visited Salta and Cafayate to complete work for their Field Trip. Once there they interviewed residents and tourists be them argentine or foreigners, drew up plans on the use of the city´s soil and registered temperature and traffic data. On the way to Cafayate they visited Garganta del Diablo, the […]

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Ade Athletics Tournament

The tournament held at Northlands by the ES1 students was a success. The boys came first among 11 schools! These are the results: Girls Hockey Ball Throw 1st María Turri Boys High Jump 3rd Octavio Rappallini Long Jump 1st Franco Cassulo 80 mts 2nd Franco Cassulo 60 mts Hurdles 2nd Nicolás Bernal 1200 mts 1st […]

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Women´s tea

On Saturday 22nd August the Georgettes ( women OG´s ) gathered at the Theatre to partake of a tea service organized to celebrate the 40 years of women in the school. The event was attended by many ex students who shared stories of their life in the school while savouring the many delicacies prepared by […]

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Cross Country 20-8-15

The competition took place in EuskalEcheaschool for the students in the years 4-5 6 Prep and ES 1. 48 students represented St George´s. The list of prizes is as follows: PREP 4 girls: CHAMPIONS PREP 5 girls: 2nd place PREP 6 Boys: 3rd place ES 1 Boys: CHAMPIONS (This team has won this cross for […]

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Encantar 2015

The Intermediate College Choir was invited to sing at this important choir festival in TANDIL. They sang along with the choirs of St Andrew’s, Labarden, Todos los Santos and Liceo Francés. The presentation was very successful and the participants had a lot of fun!

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Chile Tour

On the 17th August the ES3 students left Chile on a Rugby and Hockey sports tour to play against Mackay and Redland schools.

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Di Tella Scholarships

Torcuato Di Tella University awarded scholarships to five of our students to pursue their careers there as a result of their having achieved the best averages at St George´s. Agustina Ana Donikian Ciencias Sociales), Nicolás Morello (Economía Empresarial), Rocío Catalina Elortondo (Arquitectura), Josefina Mortola Saiach (Economía) y María Luz Gorosito Ratto (Economía)

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Model of United Nations (EMUN)

The following students from ES3, ES5 and ES6 Macarena Morán, Giullia Beltrao, Iñaki Ochoa, Camila Grigera Naon , Luciano Grigera Naon, William Whitney , John Kirby, Theodore Gibson, Bautista Fiori, Clara Breccia, Maria Saladino, Luz Gorosito Ratto and Jessica Fastman acompanied by the teachers Luciana Alterleib and Mariana Martinez ( History) and Laura Hammond (English) […]

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Following this principle Florencia Rancati and Maria Saladino Straub invite people to join the Humans of St. Georges College Instagram Account (@humansofsgc) which was created by them to know each other better. Here people will be able to share experiences, […]

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As part of the celebrations for the 20 years of the “Carrera de Grado de la Universidad UCEMA” , the Institute´s directors thanked St George´s College for the students who continued their studies there. About 100 coming from both S.G.C Quilmes and North. The ceremony was attended by many Old Georgians as well as by […]

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New Headmaster from January 2016

The Board of Governors announced on June 12th that Mr Ian Tate will be the new Headmaster of St George’s, Quilmes from January, 2016, taking over from Mr Pringle who will be returning to Peru to lead a school there. Mr Tate has been Headmaster of St George’s North since 2000 and before that worked […]

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Vth Golf Tournament

The Vth edition of the Invitation Golf Tournament played at Ranelagh Golf Club, on Tuesday 16th June ended up with the results that follow below. Congratulations to the members of St George´s Quilmes team Federico Sobradelo (Vice Captain) , Marcos Lonegro and Nicolás Rossi (Captain), por for winning the Interschool Challenge Cup with 150 strikes. […]

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Spanish IB

Mrs Liliana Schwab from the College and Mrs Miriam Bertone from St George´s North have just finished a book for Oxford press on IB Spanish.

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Science Fair 2015

The ES1 and EP6 students displayed the details of their experiments, and then gave a presentation outlining the aim, method, results and conclusion of their experiment. The projects were marked in several categories. The project title of the overall winners, Thiago Cagna, Lorenzo Ciarlotti, Nicolás Eaton, Liam Mac Gaw and Octavio Rappallini was ‘Energy in […]

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IB Honours for St George’s College

Every year, a special ceremony is organised by the Association of IB Schools in Argentina to honour the students who achieved outstanding results in their IB Diploma exams. This year the two highest marks in all of Argentina were both gained by St George’s students, Ignacio Mendez from Quilmes with 44 points (out of a […]

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Federico Sobradelo won the 2nd Golf National Tournament for under 15´s played at Junín Golf Club which was disputed by the best players in the country in the under 15´s ranking. With this triumph he classifies for the Panamerican Games in Colombia. Congratulations

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LAHC Conference – Lima – Perú

Mrs Ruth Percival accompanied by the students Isabel Dominguez Barnada and Camila Grigera Naon, represented St George’s College at the Lahc annual conference. The main conference considered the theme of empowerment with sessions led by the renowned speakers, Sir John Jones and Jones Loflin. In addition there were in-house workshops with topics ranging from student […]

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A number of ES5 and ES6 students accompanied by their teachers and Mr Pringle went to Germany and Russia to visit historical places in order to go into detail about the events and processes that they study in the History IB syllabus. Among other places they visited Moscow, Berlin and St Petersburg.

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