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At St George´s Physical Education and Sports are understood as fundamental components in the integral education of students. Each of the students has the possibility to develop a great variety of psico- motor activities and to practice, per season, the traditional group and individual sports that define our institution: male Rugby and female Hockey as central sports as well as swimming, athletics, football, basketball, cricket, golf and/or tennis. The organization of internal events, Interhouses and Inter-school in a local, national or international scale, are an important part in this formation process.
The participation of our students in sports is observed as a means of growth and formation in which moral values and “fair play” are considered the main pillars.
General Philosophy

  • Physical education as a significant component in integral education.
  • Student centered teaching.
  • Opportunities to participate for all students.
  • Physical Education and Sport and as a means for a better socialization.
  • Physical Education and Sport as a tool to develop and consolidate values.
  • Physical Education and Sport as a means to appreciate and develop health.

  • To incentivate students to get involved in and enjoy a great variety of activities.
  • To develop psichomotricity, especially during the first three years.
  • To develop the basic sport motor abilities.
  • To develop the physiological needs according to age.
  • To incentivate students to get involved in sport competitions both internal and with other schools.
  • To enjoy activities in nature while preserving the environment.
  • Multilateral training.

For more information visit us at: https://sites.google.com/a/stgeorge.org.ar/sports