Vestigia nulla retrorsum


Clubs and societies play an important part in a student’s education. Time is set aside each week for participation in a wide variety of activities which stimulate interest in academic and creative pursuits, hobbies and minor sports.

The following activities are now available:

  • Cookery (P)
  • Didactic games (P)
  • Footbal school (P)
  • In collaboration with nature (P)
  • Making up games(P)
  • Surprise workshop(P)
  • Chess (P)
  • Karate (P)
  • Japanese (P)
  • Tae-kwondo (P)
  • Tennis school (P and C)
  • Keyboards (P)
  • Doll dressmaking (P)
  • Drama (P)
  • Collage (P)
  • School Newspaper (P)
  • Watercolors (P)
  • Bonsai (P)
  • Stop-motion (P)
  • Golf (P)
  • Yoga (P)
  • Carpentry (P)
  • Climbing (P)
  • Cricket (P and C)
  • Touch Rugby (P and C)
  • Community service (P and C)
  • Multi-Sport (C)
  • International Awards – IAYP (C)