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Community Service Programme


Project, activities and institutions

Community Service Projects at St George´s College:


1º Campaign “Back to school” (Non Uniform Day).
First two weeks in March.
All sections: per grade in Kinder and Prep, per PSE Group from ES1 to ES4 and per CAS group in ES5 and ES6.
To reflect over the material a child of the same age needs to go to school and get the necessary elements to prepare kits. Distribution and collection center: CAS office.

2º Campaign “Un abrigo solidario / Coats and Shoes”.
All sections.
Reflect over everything a child of my own age needs to be warm during winter. Clothes are gathered together in each section for their sorting into sizes and the children with the teachers classify them. The arranged clothes are stored in the CAS office for later distribution.

3º Campaign “A toy for a smile”
July / August.
All sections.
Toy Collection campaign and organization of the Children´s Day Event. Choose a used toy in good condition or a new one, according to the age of the child who is giving it, so that the child can give it to another child at the Children´s Day Party. Work by year in Kinder, Infant and Prep. Per PSE groups in ES1 to ES4. The CAS groups select, package and give out the presents during the Children´s Day Party.

4º Campaign “A roof for my country” Non Uniform day.
All sections.
Campaign “A roof for my country”: Money raising campaign. Building of houses in November each year.

5º Campaign “Christmas for all” Non Uniform day.
All sections work by year, PSE Group and CAS group.
Gather the elements for the Christmas boxes. Make boxes, cards, decorations, presents for the Christmas boxes to be delivered to the families of Casa del Niño, Filochicos, Hogar Evangelina, among others.

Other Service Activities carried out in School:


Service Learning Programme with students of EP5.
Every week, all year.
5th year of Prep.
-Cooperate and create Solidarity Campaigns. -Make handcrafts to collect funds. -Organise and participate in stands with solidarity aims during Founders’ Day. Interact with Filochico’s activities. -Develop subjects and values: solidarity, rights of child, self-esteem, respect, discrimination, violence, bullying, etc.

Audela workshops (Integration of people with special needs)
CAS groups from ES5 and ES6.
Share workshops with blind and deaf people who challenge our prejudices and beliefs over disability and foster dialogue, attentive listening and reflective thinking to acquire new perspectives that leave aside the ignorance, indifference and fear that make social integration impossible.

“Mediapila País”
Prep and College.
Prep and College Assembly Presentation of the young people from Fundación Mediapila País (single mothers, heads of household, who learnt a profession and maintain their families with the shirts the volunteer from Mediapila sell in schools and churches). Sale of t-shirts and sweatshirts over a break.

Educational trip to Mendoza.
ES 2.
Building teaching material according to the Uspallata School’s need. Then we visit and share activities with them.

Workshop “Solidary Hands”.
Students who participate in weekly workshops in Kinder, Prep and College.
In these workshops, students make objects to raise funds and/or to share with children from the Institutions with which we work.

Paper and bottle tops recycling for Casa Garrahan.
Whole year.
All the sections Coordinator: Green
Develop awareness over the importance of looking after paper and that it is possible to recycle what we discard at school. “Paper is not rubbish” is the Casa Garrahan´s campaign motto and the bottle caps are seen as useful objects.

Institutions with which we regularly interact (sharing activities or assigning the campaigns’ donations):


Filochicos (6 blocks from the School).
90 kids.
We share on a weekly basis CAS and recreational activities with students from EP5. Some CAS activities: Activities related to the Red Cross, activities related to the “Green” Area. Creative Arts, reading or sports activities.

Casa del Niño (Students from the Di Pascuo School, inside our campus).
30 teenagers. 180 kids from 5 to 12 years old.
We share CAS activities on a weekly basis.

Hogar Evangelina (Located at the entrance of the Sanford) Hogar Eliasen.
60 kids. 30 Senior Citizens.
We share CAS activities on a weekly basis.

Hogar Mitre – Dios suplirá /Hermanos libres – Quilmes.
20 kids from 6 to 13 years old (12 girls – 8 boys)

Escuela Diferencial 501 – Quilmes.
160 kids from 4 to 17 years old.

Jardín de Infantes Rural Girodias– Buenos Aires province
20 kids

Jardín de Infantes Nucleados N1 – Uspallata, Cerro 7 colores. Escuela N1- 412 Correo Salinas, Uspallata. Mendoza Province
Mendoza once a year to share activities.

Escuela rural “Campo Gallo”– Santiago del Estero Province.
50 kids

Rural Schools in the North of Argentina: 1. Escuela Nº 389 “Paso de los Andes” – Cacatua, Jujuy. 2. Escuela Nº 1113 “Solidaridad” – Santiago del Estero.
1. 160 kindergarten and Prep kids and 90 College students 2. 80 kids from 3 to 14 years old, kindergarten and Prep.

Cooperadora Hospital de Quilmes.