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Welcome to College

It is our intention to sustain traditional standards of work, behaviour and appearance, and to respond, in a considered fashion, to the demands of fresh curricular thinking and methodology. There is a corporate endeavour within the College to combine the pursuit of high intellectual goals with a devotion to those humane values upon which a civilized society depends. St George’s College sees those values as its essential ethos – our currículum for living.

A guarantee of the quality of the education provided at St George’s is the fact that the Headmaster is a member of the Headmasters’ Conference, whose members are selected from independent schools of proven excellence in the British Isles and overseas. Only four schools in South America share this distinction. We are also members of the prestigious Latin American Heads Conference, which groups together some 40 schools of British origins from around the continent.



Throughout the six years of College, we integrate the Argentine official curriculum with the international curriculum. Our Argentine curriculum is fully recognized by the ministerial authorities. In ES3 and ES4 we offer the IGCSE programme of the University of Cambridge and at the end of ES4, all students must take a minimum of six IGCSE exams.

The IGCSE programme is excellent preparation for the IB Diploma which follows in the last two years of school and where students are also prepared for the National Baccalaureate. The IB is widely recognized as meeting general entry requirements to Higher Education. As with the IGCSE programme, the IB programme is compulsory for all our students. IB students have been accepted in over 700 universities worldwide, and over 40 Latin-American Universities, including many in Argentina, now have positive policies towards the International Baccalaureate. Most important of all, the IB Diploma is excellent preparation for success within the university. We want our students to enter university without major problems, but our key aim is for them to be successful when they are there and we firmly believe that the IB Diploma offers the best preparation for this success.

Vocational guidance

Ms Mariana Mart​ín​e​z, St George´s College IB coordinator, ​is the designated universities ​Counsellor​. She is ​available for consultation by both parents and students​ at

University Orientation in St George’s College

St George’s College continues to provide the ES5 and ES6 students with all possible support and information in order for them to have a clear idea as to what will they do as future university students.

Every year, more than 15 private national and international Universities come to our school. In addition, we take our students and teachers to Official and Private University Fairs, talks with professionals of every specialty as well as invite former St George’s College students’ to share their experiences.

Further information about higher education

In order for information relating to Higher Education to get to students on a daily basis, we have two rooms available where students can find information about universities both as leaflets and in videos of local and international universities (U.K., Australia, U.S.A., etc.). St George’s College tries to encourage students to take advantage of all this information, but parental support is also necessary to further encourage this interest in their children.

University Agreements

St George’s College has established agreements with universities, including many private universities in Buenos Aires, so that St George’s graduates don’t need to attend the Formative Module (Admission Course) in some, or all subjects, permitting direct admission and even the possibility of applying for a partial or total educational scholarship. Universities consider our National and International Bilingual Special Curriculum (IB – IGCSE) of high academic content. They also appreciate our preparation, responsibility and the general knowledge of our students.

Private National Universities with Agreements are:

  • Universidad de Belgrano with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad Argentina de la Empresa with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad Austral with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad de San Andrés with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad del CEMA with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad Católica Argentina with agreement SGQ / SGN / IB.
  • Universidad Maimonides with agreement SGQ / SGN.
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Bs As (ITBA) with agreement IB.
  • Universidad Torcuato Ditella with agreement IB.
  • Universidad del Salvador with future agreement.
  • Universidad de Palermo with future agreement.
  • Universidad de Cs Empresariales with future agreement.
  • Universidad Favaloro with future agreement.
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey with future agreement.

*Students who do the complete International Baccalaureate Diploma course (IB) will have the chance to enter some universities without attending the admission course and some universities might even recognize some subjects which were already studied as part of the IB Diploma, as they consider this programme of a high standard, demanding and one which applies modern methods of study.

**Most of the universities with an agreement with us also offer the possibility of a partial or total scholarship.

***Essential conditions:

  • Director’s recommendation.
  • An average of 8 or more in the last 5 years and/ or 30 points in the IB Diploma, depending on the demands of each university.
  • Having had a committed and responsible academic, social and sports career in school.


As part of our programme of careers advice and university counselling, St George’s offers a programme of short, paid internships for our students with a range of companies covering different careers. These are subject to change, but at the time of writing include:

  • Journalism
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Technology

The internships usually last for about one month and take place during the summer holidays. They give our students the opportunity of work experience in the field they are considering to study at university and also of course, the experience of work is in itself valuable. The whole internship experience helps them to make a more informed decision about their career plans.

The programme is administered by our Development Office in conjunction with our University and Careers Counsellor and the companies we work with are closely associated with St George’s, either through Old Georgians and/or parents of the school.

The internships are on offer for students who are completing ES4 or ES5. Exceptionally, students who have completed ES6 can be considered, but in general the priority is for those who are completing ES5. Applications should be made to the University and Careers Counsellor and all applications are subject to a process of selection.



If you are interested in obtaining information about the Admissions process, get in touch with The Admissions Department to coordinate a visit to the school.

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