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In March 2015 we started a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme in the college and upper-prep sections of St George’s. Students from EP4 – ES6 are expected to bring a device to school every day to use as part of their lessons. Whilst the choice of device is up to the students and their parents, we make the following suggestions:

EP3 – EP6
ES1 – ES2
ES3 – ES6

Tablet (Ipad, Tablet con android, Tablet con Windows)
Tablet (Ipad, Tablet con android, Tablet con Windows)
Laptop (Laptop con Windows, Macbook air o Macbook pro)

Netbook (Cualquier equipo con Windows)
Laptop (Laptop con Windows, Macbook air o Macbook pro)
Tablet (Ipad, Tablet con android, Tablet con Windows)

In the Kindergarten section and in EP1 – EP3, St George’s has invested in IT equipment for the students to use. This includes a SMARTtable and 20 iPads for Kinder, and 30 iPads for use in EP1-EP3.
The goal of the BYOD programme is to help develop 21st Century learners.

21st Century Learning Statement

Learners will engage with higher-order thinking activities during dynamic, innovative, student-centred lessons. Targeted use of personal digital devices will be the driver for rapid 21st Century skill development within the St George’s Community. Teachers and students will transform classrooms into their own collaborative, flexible learning spaces. Learners will be creative, independent and empathetic to the needs of others in a nurturing environment where peer mentoring is encouraged and progress is celebrated. Teachers will form an interconnected network of learning facilitators, guiding students through personalised problem solving activities and cross-curricula explorations. Students will take ownership of their own learning through group-work and leadership opportunities; expanding their critical thinking skills; developing digital citizenship awareness; analysing information sources; communicating good practice and collaborating locally, nationally and globally.

Find out about our BYOD programme: 21st Century learning site