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Boarding at St George’s

Boarding has traditionally been at the heart of the philosophy of our school and until the 1960’s, all of our students were boarders. Today, boarders constitute about 15% of our secondary school population and we are keen to maintain and indeed expand upon this. As part of that commitment, the school plans to create completely new boarding facilities in our historic ex Prep School building. The first phase will focus on the needs of the boys and the second on the girls, eventually creating a mixed boarding house in line with the latest trends around the world.

Our boarding philosophy places great emphasis on the concept of a family community, whilst at the same time promoting individual responsibility. Many visitors comment on the maturity levels of our boarders. Boarding is an option not only for those who live far away from Buenos Aires. For students who sometimes spend two hours or more a day travelling to and from school, boarding offers the opportunity to make much better use of their time.

Our boarding housemasters with the boys and housemother with the girls, are supported by a team of teachers during the afternoons and evenings. All of our boarding team care a great deal about the general welfare and happiness of the boarders and are in close contact with parents.

Most of our boarders live on campus from Monday to Friday, but weekend boarding is also available. Another option is flexi boarding, where students stay overnight for a specific reason, such as their parents being on a trip, theatre rehearsals or sporting commitments. All enquires about boarding should be directed to our Admissions Officer, Viviana Perez (

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