Vestigia nulla retrorsum

In 2011 St George´s College opened its Development and Communications Office with the aim of assisting in the improvement of the school´s standards while building, promoting and strengthening the spirit of the institution.

In line with this vision, in 2012 the school inaugurated its Alumni Office with the objective of informing, engaging and inspiring alumni to stay connected to their alma mater and among themselves, support the school´s vision and contribute to its success. It aims to develop alumni-oriented programs and services that will assist graduates in their personal and professional development while enhancing the network made up of the Georgian community through sports and social events.

Benefits and Services

  • 20% discount on school fees for former students´ children.
  • 20% discount on school fees for former students´ boarding grandchildren.
  • Graduation reunion for groups celebrating their 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th y 50th graduation anniversary.


Calendar 2017

  • Field Day: 22th April
  • OG Dinner: To be confirmed
  • SG Sports Day: 13rd May
  • Steeplechase: 26th August
  • Founder´s Day: 30th September