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Students Support and Learning Centre

Learning Centre

St George’s College North strives to provide its students with an integrated education and encourages them to develop their abilities to attain their full potential as they progress in their studies. Our bilingual curriculum (Spanish-English) prepares the students to be principled, caring, knowledgeable and long-life learners.

The School Guidance Team caters for a careful follow-up of those students who have difficulties, whether academic or emotional. They also advise the teachers on the development of the school curriculum and help with the transitions from one level to the next.

The College aims mainly at:

  • Promoting individual welfare and social integration
  • Guiding, advising and listening to students, families and teachers on a personal basis in relation to the full development of the students’ school life.
  • Providing the students with the tools they need to overcome their learning difficulties and attain the targets set for them.
  • Cooperating with the teachers’ daily tasks and working on problem detection and prevention.
  • Coordinating a joint plan of action with external professionals.
  • Carrying out a careful follow-up of new students.
  • Helping with the articulation of the three sections and that of the school with the universities.

Four educational pshycologists and a counsellor work together in the The School Guidance Team which connects the three school sections and provides our students with a continuous follow-up.