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General Philosophy

St George’s College North considers Physical Education and Sports as fundamental elements in the integral education of its students.

Sports practice is seen as a means to educate and form students in an environment where values and fair play are basic. Participation in competitions, whether internal, inter-school, national or international are a very important part of this process.

Students are given the opportunity to develop a wide variety of activities and to practice individual and team sports in different seasons. The main ones are rugby for boys and hockey for girls. Athletics, football, basketball and volleyball are also offered. The swimming season for Kindergarten students was inaugurated in 2015.

PE classes are given in every section every day and are centred in the development of the basic forms of movement and physical training, according to their age.


The main objective of the PE Department is to offer our students a wide range of activities that may enable them to develop their motor skills and a competitive spirit in a respectful and friendly environment.

The Department seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle and so students are encouraged to become involved in a great variety of activities in order to find the one they like most to continue practicing it out of school.

Sports Tours

The Physical Education Department organizes both local and international sports tours that help to build the competitive spirit of the students and enhance their culture. These trips take place every two years and the most visited destinations are South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Chile and Uruguay.

Sports Facilities

The School has in site sports fields and covered courts enabling students to train even on rainy days. The schools facilities are as follows:

  • Rugby fields
  • Hockey fields
  • Football fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • 400 mts Athletics Track
  • Shot Put Areas
  • Discus throw Areas
  • High Jump areas
  • Sports Hall
  • Cricket Wicket
  • Access to swimming pool and tennis courts

Annual Programme

February – March:

  • Boys: Rugby and Basket
  • Girls: Hockey and Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Kindergarten: Swimming

April – August:

  • Boys: Rugby / Secondary: Alternative Basket
  • Girls: Hockey / Secondary: Alternative Volleyball

August – September – October

  • Athletics

October – November – December

  • Boys: Football
  • Girls: Football – Softball
  • Year 1, Year 2 and Kindergarten: Swimming (November)