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Welcome to Secondary

It is our intention to sustain traditional standards of work, behaviour and appearance, and to respond, in a considered fashion, to the demands of fresh curricular thinking and methodology. There is a corporate endeavour within the College to combine the pursuit of high intellectual goals with a devotion to those humane values upon which a civilized society depends. St George’s College sees those values as its essential ethos – our currículum for living.

A guarantee of the quality of the education provided at St George’s is the fact that the Headmaster is a member of the Headmasters’ Conference, whose members are selected from independent schools of proven excellence in the British Isles and overseas. Only four schools in South America share this distinction. We are also members of the prestigious Latin American Heads Conference, which groups together some 40 schools of British origins from around the continent.


Finished in 1993, the building has three floors with classrooms specially designed for Language, Humanities and English, plus a conference room, an arts classroom and a library.

Sports Hall

Inaugurated in 2007, it is used to for sports practice and PE classes. It is also used for international examinations.

Music Pavilion

The Old Georgian Pavilion and Changing Rooms were constructed in 1991 thanks to the generosity of the Old Georgians. The Pavilion is used for teaching Music and has two large rooms for lessons.

Science Building

This Secondary building houses the mathematics, technology and science faculties. It contains separate laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with two adjoining preparation rooms. There is also a Design Technology classroom, an Information and Communication Technology suite and six large classrooms.


The six years of the Secondary School integrate the national curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education, with the international one. In S3 and S4 students are offered the IGCSE Programme from Cambridge University and the MYP from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

The combination of both programmes is an excellent preparation for the IB Diploma which, being recognised worldwide, has proven to be an important advantage when applying to a university career.

The IGCSE examinations and the MYP and Diploma Programmes are compulsory for all students. The school aims at them overcoming any obstacle they might find when entering the university, but, more important, we want them to succeed in their studies. We firmly believe that the IB Diploma is the best means to prepare them for this success. IB students are admitted to different universities around the world, including many in Argentina which, year after year, modify their admissions policies for their benefit.

Student Support Centre

Learning Centre

In Secondary, the Student Support Centre is formed by two professional members who work with the Senior Management Team, the tutors, teachers and parents, catering for the needs of the students related to their social and emotional development, their academic abilities and their learning styles. We focus on their strengthening of those virtuous attitudes that may allow them to anticipate, prevent and overcome difficult situations, while promoting an environment proper for a good social settling-in.


If you are interested in obtaining information about the Admissions process, get in touch with the Admissions Department to coordinate a visit to the School: (011) 4663 2494 or fill in the APPLICATION below.