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School Structure

Board of Governors

Both St George’s College North and St George’s College Quilmes are run by the Asociación de Beneficencia Dotal San Jorge, a non-profit making charitable trust. Every second year, at the annual meeting in April, the trustees elect a Board of Governors of 9 to 13 members. All members of the Board serve in an honorary capacity. Monthly Board meetings determine the major lines of College policy. The Headmaster, an ex-officio non-voting member of the Board of Governors, together with the Manager, are delegated the responsibility of executing the Board policies at St George’s College North. The College is divided into three Sections: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary, each with its own head. The Heads of Section are periodically invited to attend the Board Meetings to inform about the news in their schools and discuss about future academic policies.

Executive Structure

The Headmaster of St George’s College North is responsible to the Chairman of the Board of Governors. The respective Heads of the three Sections are responsible to the Headmaster. The College shares a central administration with St George’s College, Quilmes. The central administration is run by the Manager, who is also both schools’ legal representative. The educational management structure of St George’s College North is illustrated in the diagram below.