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Green Committee

Green Committee

With the intention of inspiring healthy habits that may lead to students contributing and caring about the environment, we created a “Green Committee” in 2011.

This initiative aims at making our community members aware of different topics related to our natural environment.

The objective is to educate a new generation that is willing to transform humanity’s negative impact on the environment into a positive one by means of co-operation while putting into practice the three R’s rule:

  • Reduce the amount of earth resources that we need.
  • Re-use: we should think whether it is possible to use it again, before throwing away something.
  • Recycle: can this material be used again?

This approach is intended to change the way in which the students relate to the environment by including “green activities” to their daily life. If we teach them the importance of turning off the lights and electrical appliances when they are not in use, we are promoting habits that will grow with them and that will help them be more environmentally- friendly in the future. Among the projects there is a permanent paper recycling initiative and plastic bottle caps collection to donate for reuse.

Each year we seek to expand our work field and contribute to enhance increasingly the environment we live in. The children commit themselves to helping the environment, and they encourage their relatives to join them.