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Welcome to Primary

We are looking for students who are well-rounded, with a thirst for knowledge who will be responsible global citizens able to contribute towards a better world to embrace different cultures.


Finished in 1990, the building houses spacious, specially designed classrooms which are distributed on two floors around the main hall. There is also a library, two IT labs, a Learning Centre and an Arts room with a multimedia projector. All classrooms are fully equipped with interactive boards. Second cycle students have access to computer islands located outside the classrooms to do research work.

The central hall is used for assemblies, official ceremonies, students’ exhibitions, musical performances, among other functions.

Sports Hall

Inaugurated in 2007, it is used to for sports practice and PE classes. It is also used for international examinations.

Music Pavillion

The Old Georgian Pavilion and Changing Rooms were constructed in 1991 thanks to the generosity of the Old Georgians. The Pavilion is used for teaching Music and has two large rooms for lessons.


The Primary Years Programme (PYP), for students aged 3 to 11, focuses on the development of the whole child, in the classroom but also in the world outside, through other environments where children learn. It offers a framework that meets children’s several needs: academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural.The PYP defines the characteristics of students who are aware of and sensitive to the experiences of others.

Students will be able to:

  • Learn independently and with others.
  • Nurture their curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research.
  • Learn with enthusiasm and sustain their love of learning throughout life.
  • Develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines.
  • Use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems.
  • Express themselves confi¬dently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways.
  • Collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspectives of others.
  • Act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice.
  • Take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.
  • Appreciate their cultures and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others.
  • Show empathy, compassion and respect.
  • Have a commitment to service.
  • Work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies.
  • Recognize their interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development.

We would like to create a community with the profile attributes that allow teachers, students and parents to work towards the St George’s vision:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk Taker
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

Our curriculum guarantees meaningful, relevant, interesting, challenging and stimulating learning so that students can reflect on the connections between life at school, home and the outside world.

For further information about the PYP (Primary Years Programme) please click here.


At St George’s College North students attend full-day schooling. This begins in Kindergarten and continues throughout the first six years of the Primary education. Approximately 50% of the subjects are taught in English, following the guidelines of our integrated concept-based bilingual curriculum. School assemblies, announcements and activities are mostly conducted in English.

The school successfully combines the requirements of the Argentine national curriculum with the ones of international examining bodies such as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and the International Baccalaureate organization. All year 5 students take the Trinity ISE Exam of The College of London. For more information about this exam please click here.


At St George’s College North students have the opportunity to interact with their teachers and peers during the workshops offered every Friday afternoon.

This activity, referred to as “learning with others”, allows students to play while developing certain skills such as creativity, which they will then use in their daily work.


If you are interested in obtaining information about the Admissions process, get in touch with the Admissions Department to coordinate a visit to the School: (011) 4663 2494 or fill in the APPLICATION below.