Vestigia nulla retrorsum

Primary Art Interhouse

During the month of May the Primary Art Interhouse was held. The proposal was inspired by the columns of Egyptian culture. During 3 weeks, in the Art classes, each year group built one of the parts that would make up the final work.

Year 6 worked hard to design the idea of ​​the columns that would represent each house. The challenge was to depict scenes from everyday life in school using the aesthetic of reliefs and Egyptian paintings. The head of each column, would be the head of the animal representative of each house, built with cardboard and cartapesta.

Each year group applied details of lines and colours to their work and then proceeded to the final assembly of the 6 parts of each column.

Not only was the result of the work excellent, but the way the children got involved with the work, developed their own ideas, worked collaboratively and committed to the proposal, was what made the school proud and encourages in a future to explore new challenges.