Vestigia nulla retrorsum


At St George’s College North the division of students into houses goes beyond Inter-house competition, in itself educationally valuable, to include personalised care of our students.

As students are assigned to Houses they are placed under the care of tutors, who see them at least twice a day, and for an hour each week for a Personal and Social Education session. Tutors are full-time staff, and this gives them and their charges ample opportunity to meet to deal with personal matters, in addition to timetabled occasions. As there are four Houses, year groups are divided into four tutor groups, leaving each tutor with responsibility for a small number of youngsters. The tutor’s role is to get to know, understand and support the students in those years of their life when guidance is especially necessary. Tutors are themselves supported by Heads of House, Deputy Heads of House and the Pastoral Head. Specialist outside help is sought when specific problems occur.