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Our Values

Vision Statement

St George’s College is a private, non-profit, bilingual, co-educational, learning institution with a long tradition in providing a well-rounded and demanding education. It delivers an international curriculum of high standards, which seeks to develop strong ethical values and character integrity, in order to allow its students to become useful and successful citizens.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students, between the ages of 2 and 18, with a bilingual education that integrates the Argentine and international curricula. We strive for the continual improvement in the quality of the teaching and learning, management and school resources in order that the students may develop their potential to the full. Our environment nurtures individual development, independent thinking, sportsmanship and an extensive and close interaction with the community.

Statement of Values

Since its foundation in 1898, St George’s College has been based on values adopted by its Christian founders, drawn from the best ones stemming from British tradition. These values are centred upon the following:

  • Uphold honesty, integrity and truth.
  • Demonstrate fortitude in terms of energy, initiative, courage and responsibility.
  • Exercise good manners and respect towards people, rules, institutions, and the environment.
  • Commitment and loyalty to the College, its people and society at large.
  • Actively develop the concept of duty, caring and leadership through example.
  • Apply perseverance and fair play in behaviour, work and play.

The College strives to uphold these values through its Governors, Staff, Parents and Students, adding to the best traditions established by its Founders.