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December 5, 2017

History and Technology working together

A few weeks ago our S3 students started working on a cross-curricular project involving History and ICT. They were instructed to research about one topic related to the Civil War in the United States and display the results in different digital infographics. All of them worked really enthusiastically while learning about the past and acquiring […]

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First Cycle Music Festival

Our students made their musical presentations in the First Cycle Music Festival.

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One, Two, … SPLASH!

We started the Swimming Season with Kindergarten and Primary First Cycle.

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November 4, 2017

TED-Ed Clubs at St George’s

During the month of June, our S2 students took part in the Clubes-TED-Edprogramme, a cross curricular project involving Information Technology and Study Skills, that helped them to develop and convey their own original ideas. While working on the project, the students explored their passions and proposed ideas to better the world in which they live. They […]

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Building the logical-mathematical thinking process

The children in Year 2 continue building their logical-mathematical thinking process. Over the past few weeks they have started using calculators as a tool to enhance their learning.  Showing great enthusiasm, they have explored the use of different keys, checked results and answers, discussed results in groups and classified sums. As a result they are […]

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K3 went camping!

No matter the weather, any day is perfect for a camp! K3 enjoyed playing games, singing songs, treasure hunting, and many other activities during their camping day this week.  As a keepsake of their camp they took a St George´s College North cap home. We hope they always remember this wonderful experience!

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September 5, 2017

The world of Science!

Year 4 is carrying out an Inquiry into heat and electrical conductivity and magnetism. These young scientists engaged with enthusiasm in formulating hypotheses about different materials, proposing tests and carrying out experiments to prove them right or wrong. They recorded videos explaining their findings about how simple circuits work.

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This is me

In order to close our Unit of Inquiry “This is me”, K1 Teachers organized an exhibition of the work done by their students, this included silhouettes of their bodies, drawings of the human figure and some photos. Parents were then invited to enjoy the exhibition.

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September 4, 2017

Another great success at EMUN!

This year the ESSARP United Nations Model (EMUN) was held at Moorlands School with more than 420 students taking part in it. Our participants represented their delegations with great commitment and enthusiasm. We would like to congratulate them all; especially the three first chairs of our school to lead the debates at different forums. They […]

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June 7, 2017

Creative Arts Inter-House

The contest was divided into two days and the students worked on it for four hours in all. They focused on the recreation of pieces from famous artists. The challenge consisted in the students choosing a famous piece of art and working on it as if it were their own creation, thus providing it with […]

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Children have a wide range of interests and abilities and diverse learning strengths and needs. Working with differentiation is to acknowledge that students learn in many different ways. We work with differentiation since Kindergarten because we believe it benefits students, as it promotes an environment in which learning differences are not just tolerated, but valued. […]

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May 19, 2017

Primary Art Interhouse

During the month of May the Primary Art Interhouse was held. The proposal was inspired by the columns of Egyptian culture. During 3 weeks, in the Art classes, each year group built one of the parts that would make up the final work. Year 6 worked hard to design the idea of ​​the columns that […]

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May 3, 2017

Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day was a fantastic day, with attendance very impressive indeed. It started with a beautiful commemoration service, in which the choir, led by the indefatigable Mrs Susan Perkins, sung beautifully and all the head prefects, junior and senior, read superbly. In addition, as ever, we were treated to excellent addresses by the Chairman of […]

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Book Week focused on Poetry

Book Week this year had Poetry as its main theme. We kicked off Book Week as Spanish teachers surprised us all with a poem of Liliana Cinetto, “Problemas en el Ropero” and English teachers creatively performed “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”, by Roald Dahl. Every morning assembly was a little show of what […]

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April 25, 2017

Here I am!

Kinder 2 began researching the “Here I Am” inquiry unit. Along with their teachers they talked about the differences and similarities of when they were babies and now that they are four years old; the things they could do before and what they can do now and how their body has grown. During the first […]

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April 24, 2017

Minecraft in Year 3

On Wednesday, April 12th we had some visitors from secondary school who came with a special mission: They guided us to create and develop a collaborative world on Minecraft. Students were divided into 3 groups and they built different communities: the country-side, a small town and a city. This was a gorgeous closing of the […]

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A visit from New Zealand

As part of our preparation for the Sports Tour 2017, on Tuesday 12 April we received a visitor from the Embassy of New Zealand in Argentina. Tane Waetford, of Maori origin, taught us the most popular habits and the essential and traditional elements of his culture. The meeting was really positive and enriching for our […]

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March 7, 2017

We are back!

We are so happy to be back. With lots of energy and joy, we are ready to share another year together. During these first weeks we have been remembering the things we have learned last term and learning many other new things. We played, sang, and enjoyed P.E, IT, Music and Drama lessons. Here are […]

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It’s a … BYOD

Like all parents that are expecting a new baby, there’s the planning before the birth, getting things ready and then waiting for the big day. The birth is a day of great emotion and excitement, followed very quickly by all the new and unexpected issues that make having a new child a very difficult (and […]

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Our Students in The Hague

The School congratulates Valentín Gianmarco (ES6) and Matías Follett (former student 2016) on their great performance representing Finland in the THIMUN United Nations Model. During the first week in February, this Model gathers more than 2500 students from Europe, Africa, Asia and America in The Hague, Netherlands, where the UN International Law Court is located. […]

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March 3, 2017

Around the World!

We currently have students on exchange in Canberra, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and Baltimore, USA, alongside Camila Pavia and Antonia Storni, from S4 who are in Barcelona, Spain.  They are attending Colegio SEK Catalunya and really enjoying their time there.  Among other highlights they have visited Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia Cathedral and the famous Camp […]

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Off to Armenia!

Congratulations to Camila Grosso, S6 who, after a rigorous and very competitive selection process, was one of 8 out of 300 original applicants from Argentina who won a full scholarship to study in one of the very prestigious United World Colleges. In August Camila is off to Dilijan in Armenia to study for her IB […]

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December 13, 2016

Splish- Splash day!

Kindergarten children enjoyed their last non- uniform day of the year. They came to school in swimwear ready for “Splish Splash” water day. Children enjoyed the water fun. They brought their own water toys from home. Teachers took lots of photos of the children having fun!Such a great day to end the year!

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Year 1 & Year 2 working together

Last Tuesday Year 1 visited Year 2 to learn about the way they work, which copybooks and books they use and also to share classroom rules and pieces of advice. The teachers prepared an activity based on the traditional story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the children had to create a different version of the […]

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Maths Photograph Contest

From 23 to 30 November some of our S4 students took part in a Maths Photograph contest. According to the instructions, they went round the school observing familiar corners where to get a picture that would represent mathematical concepts applied to their daily lives. The photographs were displayed at the entrance of the Science Building […]

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December 5, 2016

Playing together

Playing allows children to socialize while they learn to respect rules and know more about the world around them. Throughout this year, Pre K students have evolved in the way they play and now they enjoy games together!  

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The Power of Music

“Music… can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein   Students had several challenges to go through during the different instances of the Music Interhouse Competition: to explore their sensitivity and ability to communicate, to relate to others using different codes,to organize work strategies, to test their musical abilities and to fulfill […]

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IB Schools Arts Exhibition

The annual IB Schools Arts Exhibition took place last week at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Our students, Donatella Taraborelli and Abril Pavia, were invited to take part in it. Both girls attended the event with Mr Raúl Pittavino, Director of the Secondary section and Mrs María José Maglione, our Arts teacher. After a brief […]

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November 18, 2016

Enjoying swimming lessons!

Kinder 2 and Kinder 3 started their swimming lessons last week and had a great time as the weather was perfect. The children enjoyed the experience and participated in all activities the teachers planned for them, in both the big and small swimming pools. Some children were brave and put their heads under the water, […]

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Music Interhouse

Students and teachers from Years 1, 2 and 3 gathered in the Primary Hall for the First Cycle Singing Festival. This event is part of the Music Interhouse Competition. The young singers, in small groups, performed their favourite song from the class repertoire accompanied by their Music teachers, Mr Sebastián Puntillo and Ms Susan Perkins. […]

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This week in Science

S3 Chemistry students measured the rate of several reactions under different temperatures, concentration and surface areas in the Chemistry lab with Mrs Vanesa Beserra. Under the supervision of Mrs Carina Zabaleta, Mrs Paula Rey Chapur and Mr Fabricio Cardozo Massa, our Environmental Systems students performed several experiments simulating ecological field work. These experiments were related to random […]

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November 3, 2016

Since we are young we can learn to help

Since they are very young, children are able to make lots of things by their own. In Pre- Kinder we ask them to do different things such as: taking their glass and bowl to the sink after having the snack, taking the baskets with toys to the rug, looking for the tissues to blow their […]

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Second Cycle Chess Interhouse

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Second Cycle Chess Interhouse took place. Several girls in Years 4, 5 and 6 competed representing their house and played against all the other houses. There was a friendly atmosphere and they played chess in a 3 hour round of intense competition. The house captains helped with the organisation. On […]

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Sports Day

After a week plenty of doubts due to the weather, our Athletics Sports Day finally took place on Friday 21, as stated. The different Houses, both in Primary and Secondary,  started their warm-up very early, as they all wanted to give their best and be the winners of the event. At 9.15 the parade began […]

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October 26, 2016

Kindergarten is counting down for the Play!

K3 students, in their role as main characters, show happiness, excitement and are working very hard in the rehearsals! With Mr Sebas they are putting final touches to the songs which they are going to record next Tuesday. With the teachers and Miss Juli, they are focusing on the choreographies and dialogues! We hope you […]

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October 12 “Acto”: Día del respeto por la diversidad cultural americana

On Wednesday the 12th of October, under the title, ¨Traces of our Identity: The Legacy¨, the students of Year 2 were in charge of the event on the Day of Respect to the American Cultural Diversity. The children shared what they had learnt with the aim of acknowledging the importance of this day as the […]

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St George’s College North takes part in TEIMUN 2017

We are proud to announce that our S6 and S5 students, Matías Follet and Valentín Gianmarco, have been selected by the ESSARP UN Model (E-MUN) to be part of the 4th Argentine Team that will soon attend the THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) Congress. After a tough selection process that included observations of […]

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October 3, 2016

Kinder 1 goes Green

As part of their Unit of Inquiry “Here we start”, K1 invited The Green Patrol to inquire about the way in which eco bricks can mitigate environmental damage and how to make them. Last Wednesday, Year 4 members of The Green Patrol conversed with the children about the beauty of Nature and engaged them with […]

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Learning with our iPads in Physical Education

When we work with our body it is very important to be able to see ourselves to correct possible mistakes, to improve postures or physical techniques. Year 5 students recorded themselves using iPads with it’s slow motion function to see what they had done.  

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Our IB Arts Evening

On Friday 23 September the school held the IB Arts Evening, an event where the Creative Arts, Music and Film IB students show their productions. Our Visual Arts artists had a stand each. There they displayed their art pieces using different techniques. During the vernissage they invited the guests to ask questions and explained their […]

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September 8, 2016

Year 1 camp

Last Friday Year 1 had their first pre-camping experience, at school, accompanied by fantastic weather. There were lots of activities and games that focused on team work as well as ones that aimed to develop each individual’s capacity. The day ended with a bonfire as well as the singing of camp songs. Throughout the day […]

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Hogar Niño Dios

Friday saw the culmination of an enormous, solidarity effort by our school community to collect toys for the children at the Hogar Niño Dios. The eight Heads of House, Head boy and Head girl, accompanied by Ms Dighero, Ms Lanfranco, Ms Sonia and Ms Mica delivered a total of 309 gifts for Children’s Day. These […]

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An amazing Gala Concert

On Saturday 27 August the school held its annual Gala Concert. The audience enjoyed performances by some outstanding interpreters of the Music Inter-house in the following categories: singing (boys and girls), piano, classic and electric guitar, orchestra instruments and Argentine music ensembles. As it is already a tradition, the evening also saw the House Bands […]

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July 29, 2016

I express myself like this

The Unit of Inquiry allowed K2 students to apply two PYP concepts: shape and change. Both concepts were evident in the sculptures the children made with play dough, volumetric shapes and recycling material. They also observed figurative and abstract artworks and learned what they mean, and how to express through visual arts. The children also […]

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United Nations Model

On 24 and 25 June St Alban’s College, Lomas de Zamora, hosted the annual United Nations Model organized by ESSARP, well known as EMUN. The sixth edition saw 450 students from 31 schools debate topics related to Global Sharing, always in English. Our students were delegates for Georgia, Qatar and South Africa and displayed their […]

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This week in Science

S1 students learn about acidic and basic substances, and test their pH using chemical and natural indicators in the chemistry lab. S2 students determine the position of the centre of mass of triangular cards in the physics class. S6 students investigate details of the equilibrium of CO2 of saturated water and pH, in the chemistry […]

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