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Admissions Policy

All candidates for entry to the school have to undertake a common entrance examination and have an interview with the appropriate Heads of Section.

Preference is given to students with good academic potential. The school will look for evidence of good character and sound moral values. Every candidate is expected to make the best use of the academic; social; artistic and sports opportunities offered by the school, which will enrich and strengthen the candidate's skills.

There are no automatic admissions to St George’s College North. However, priority will be given to children of Old Georgians and to those who have brothers or sisters already enrolled at the school. Similar preference will be given to first language English speakers and students from the International Community.

At the transfer stage from Kindergarten to Primary and then to Secondary priority is given to students already attending St George’s. However, attendance in Kindergarten or Primary does not mean automatic entry to the following school section.

The Head of each Section is responsible in consultation with the Headmaster for the admission of all new students to their section. Once the admission procedures have been satisfactorily completed, assignment to a given year will be made.


The pre-conditions for admission are that:

  1. The applicant is of the appropriate age and sufficient maturity.
  2. The applicant is able to attend school on a regular basis.
  3. The present school reports satisfactory attitudes and conduct on the part of the parents and applicant.
  4. In the case of applicants whose parents are resident outside Argentina, satisfactory arrangements must be made for guardianship. A guardian must take the place of the boy’s or the girl’s parents in a very real sense, being available for consultation, assuming responsibility for them and accepting the boy or girl to their home at short notice if need arises.

The academic criteria for selection are:

  1. A satisfactory candidate performance at all the required common entrance examinations and interviews.
  2. A satisfactory parents interview.
  3. The preference factors subject as stated in our Admission Policy.

Preference factors:

  1. Brothers or sisters in the school.
  2. Son/daughter of an OG.
  3. English Speaking, mother tongue.
  4. Academic performance
  5. Outstanding in Creative Arts and/or Sports.

Fees & Transportation

Fees are charged in Argentine pesos. Please consult at the time of application.

The transport service is not provided by the school, it is an agreement of private nature between the parties involved (parents and transport drivers). However, a full list with information on transport companies is available upon parents’ request.


Comunicación Arancelaria 2017 Formulario de Inscripción 2017


If you are interested in obtaining information about the Admissions process, get in touch with the Admissions Department to coordinate a visit to the School: (011) 4663 2494 or fill in the APPLICATION below.